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Online Schooling with a Christian Faith: Get Both and Save Money

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If you want a faith-based education but you don’t have access to a local Christian college, and if you aren’t sure that you want to live in a college dorm, you can still get a Christian-based education without having to sacrifice. You can earn a degree online from a Christian university. There are a lot of benefits for students that choose to get their degrees online instead of in the classroom on a college campus. Here are a few things to consider if you want to learn in a faith-based atmosphere and aren’t ready to leave home. Save Money If you aren’t living on campus or away from your parents, you can save a lot of money just on housing and food. The tuition at online colleges is also usually less expensive, since you aren’t paying for to fund building needs, classroom supplies, and more. You don’t have to use gas money driving to campus, and you don’t have to pay for parking permits and other school fees. Saving money in a variety of areas may help prevent you from having to take out a student loan or live on a tight budget. Save Time The time that you spend driving to campus and back is time that you could be studying or working. The time that you spend completing online work can also be shorter than the time you would spend in a classroom, because a lot of classes allow you to work at your own rate. You can take tests online when it works best for you, and you have deadlines instead of select time slots to hand in homework and papers. Connect with Others If you are attending a Christian university online, there might not be class assignments that require you to work directly with others, but you will have online forums that will give you a chance to mingle socially online with others that share your faith. You may also be able to find people in the local area that are attending the same online school as you. Picking a college and trying to budget for the expenses can be very expensive, so it’s very beneficial to choose an online school. When your religion compels you to attend a school that puts faith in the curriculum, you don’t have to sacrifice because you aren’t leaving home or attending the campus in person. With online Christian colleges, you can still get all of the guidance and education that you want to meet your religious needs while still getting a great...

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Bible Reenactments Every Preschooler Will Love

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You probably already know that when introducing preschoolers to the Bible, it is important to find ways to engage them so that they don’t get bored with the lesson. You also know that one of the best ways to engage the students is to make them involved in the story in whatever way possible. For this reason, you should work to incorporate Bible reenactments into your lessons whenever possible. If this sounds like a good idea to you, and if you think that it is a new, interesting way to keep the children under your care entertained, then check out some of these ideas for reenactments that the kids will love participating in: The Last Supper Since you will most likely have snack time or lunch at your preschool facility, one day it might be a good idea to incorporate bread and grape juice into your lesson. Set a plate of bread in front of each child, and instruct them not to eat it yet. Then give them a cup of grape juice with the same instructions–don’t drink it yet. After everyone has been served, sit down at the table and explain to them why they are eating bread and drinking grape juice. Tell them the story of the last supper, and then pray over the food and ask God to bless it. Afterward, ask the children to break their bread into pieces and eat part of it, then ask them to drink the grape juice. As they take each element, explain to them what it means when you say that the bread is the body of Christ, and that the grape juice is his blood. Then, tell them about the sacrifice that Jesus made for them and why communion is such an important event for Christians. Noah’s Ark One way to have fun with Bible reenactments is to create the story of Noah’s ark. This can be tricky, but with a little creativity, it can be pulled off. The first thing you will need to do is cut out a shape of brown butcher paper to look like an ark. Once that is done, tape it up somewhere in the classroom where all the children can see it. Next, give each child a headband with a different color, and then cut out a shape of an animal in each of those colors and tape the animals to the corresponding colored headband. After that, tell them the story of Noah’s ark, and designate one child to play the role of Noah. Noah will guide all of the animals, two by two, onto the ark. You will have to narrate the story as this is going on, but it is definitely a great way to make the Bible relevant and fun and to help the children understand this story more. Palm Sunday If your preschool celebrates Palm Sunday already, then you should have a fairly easy time explaining to the children what this event is. Simply buy palm fronds that are large enough for the children to wave around, and give one frond to each child. Then have a hobby horse that will stand in for a makeshift donkey (you can tape donkey ears to it if you’d like), and have one child ride into the middle of the crowd...

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