Need Help Finding a Good College Prep High School for Your Student? Be on the Lookout for These 4 Things


While many private high schools call themselves college prep schools, how do you know if they're really helping their students prepare for the admissions process and the rigors of university courses? Graduating from a college prep high school doesn't guarantee admission by itself—the school has to provide the correct learning environment and guide students into developing the skills they need for college while also making them stand out to the college admissions boards. To help you find the right college prep school for your student, look for these four things:

1. Challenges Students of All Levels

A good college prep high school will evaluate your student's abilities and provide a course load that provides an appropriate challenge, forcing him or her to learn study skills and time management skills in order to get a passing grade.

This is important because some students easily coast through high school by either taking easy courses or because they're not challenged by the school's most difficult courses. When they don't learn the necessary study skills during high school, they'll experience difficulty during college—college courses are a gigantic step up in difficulty compared to most high school courses, so it can be an unwelcome surprise for those who were not adequately prepared in high school.

2. Has Numerous Extracurricular Activities and Volunteer Opportunities

While GPA and standardized test scores are vitally important for college admissions, participating in extracurricular activities and volunteering during high school can give your student the boost he or she needs to get into a good school. Colleges love students who are well-rounded and who give back to their communities, which volunteering and participating in extracurricular activities will demonstrate. Additionally, you'll need to make sure that your prospective college prep high school provides activities that your student will be interested in.

3. Provides Extra Support for Math Courses

Math is an area of study that's incredibly important for students preparing for college, both for admissions and for getting a good score on college entrance exams like the SAT and ACT.

Unfortunately, many students struggle with math. Math is a cumulative subject, and struggling early on in math courses can lead to later difficulty during high school as the courses continue to build on one another. Your college prep high school should provide plenty of opportunities for your student to receive extra help in math, especially if it's a subject area that he or she struggles in. This can include providing tutoring outside of class at a special math lab or providing extra courses during the summer to reinforce the material.

4. Helps Students Study for College Entrance Tests

Although there are arguments about whether or not it's a good idea, colleges rely heavily on SAT and ACT scores in the admissions process. It's a fair indicator of future academic success—students who score well on these exams tend to do better once they've been admitted to college. Because of this, colleges weigh them highly when they're selecting students to admit to their schools. It's important for a college prep high school to provide study materials and help students study for these important exams during their freshman year—this helps students score well on these tests and improves their chances of getting into their desired school.

While private school is an investment, picking the right one will help your student's chances of getting into college and succeeding in college courses one he or she is admitted. Keep these four things in mind when you're looking at potential college prep high schools in order to help you find the one that will help your student learn the skills necessary to survive in college.


26 March 2019

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